Bring the sixteen president of the United States to your school.

"Abe  Lincoln  in  Person"  will  give  your  students  the  chance  
to  see the  sixteenth  president  of  the  United  States  and  to
gain  an  insight into  the  personality  of  this  remarkable  man  
as  he  tells  the  story  of his life from a log cabin to the White

Mr. Lincoln will speak about:
  • Growing up in a log cabin
  • His Family and Children
  • The importance of reading, learning and history
  • The entertainment of the day: The Medicine Show
  • The Civil War and slavery

Author / actor Bob  Conrad's  uncanny  resemblance  to  Abe  
Lincoln,  due  to theatrical  makeup  and  an  authentic  costume,  
will  make  all  of  your students truly believe that they are seeing  
Abe Lincoln in Person".

Versions for K - 3, 4 - 6, and K - 6

Bob Conrad is the author/ illustrator of "Bob Conrad's Great Americans".

You too can have results like this!

"I wanted to send a letter to thank you very much for your "Abe Lincoln in Person"
assembly program at Hawkins Path Elementary School last week.
Our students and faculty enjoyed your show and talked about it all day.
It was a pleasure working with you and we hope to work with you again in the future.

Jeanine O'Connell, Arts-In Education Chairperson, Hawkins Path PTA, Selden, NY

"Bob Conrad , of Conrad Productions, presented his wonderful rendition of "Abe
Lincoln in Person" at the Brentwood Public Library for the second time, once in
February 2006 and again this year February 2009. Bob is a man of many talents. He is
an excellent teacher, an entertainer, a ventriloquist, a magician and a very warm
person who captivates his audience with humor.  There were 70 people, children and
parents who came to see Bob's Abe Lincoln show this year. Everyone enjoyed the
show immensely.  Bob has performed many shows at Brentwood Public Library over
the last  4 years including "The American History Magic Show", Songs That Helped
Build America", "A Magical Approach to Geography", Davy Crockett's American
Frontier" and "A Visit with Thomas Alva Edison". We invite Bob Conrad back once or
twice a year, to do entertaining history productions. The parents appreciate Bob's
entertaining their kids while making history come alive for them.  Bob performs a wide
variety of shows other than history related ones. I have him present history shows
because that is out venue in this department of our library. If you invite Bob to your
school or library, you will be happy you did. He is wonderful."

Adele Bennett, Youth history Librarian, Brentwood Public Library, Brentwood,NY

" I just want to thank you for the wonderful Lincoln shows yesterday, as I worked with
the various students during the day, many of them brought up things they enjoyed and
learned, even 2nd graders.  I think everyone got a lot out of it.
Thanks for your flexibility on doing 2 shows as well; it worked out so nicely having
smaller audiences."

Sharon Boutcher, Cultural Arts Coordinator, North Coleman Road Elementary,
Centereach, NY

"On behalf of our Yocum Elementary School  staff and students, thank you for your
dynamic presentation of Abe Lincoln .  Your background knowledge combined with
your attention to detail served as a wonderful reminder of Lincoln's achievements.
I sincerely appreciate your kind and positive attitude with our children. They loved
the assembly!"

Daniel P. Gaffney, Principal ,Howard R. Yocum Elementary, Maple Shade,NJ

"I would like to thank you for coming to Johnson School and for your marvelous
performance as Abraham Lincoln.  You were certainly Abraham Lincoln in the flesh!
Our students truly loved your performance and learned a great deal about the 16th
president of the Untied States.  Mr. Conrad, you have the ability to get your points
across in the most palatable way.  Our students, who ranged in age from 3 years  to 11
years old represent the grade levels of preschool disabilities through fourth grades.  
Every student was attentive and hung on every word and move that you made.  What
a credit to your talents!
Thank you, once again for providing our students with such an educational and
entertaining program.  We hope to have you back in the future."

Barry Rosenzweig, Principal, H.C. Johnson Elementary, Jackson ,NJ

"I wish to thank you for your wonderful performance last Friday on Abraham Lincoln
at our school.  The children enjoyed your magic and puppet but most of all I feel they
received a better understanding of our 16th president.  Your acting was very good and
having you here near President's Day made it very appropriate.  
Once again thank you
for a very educational assembly!"

Donna Boynton, Assembly Coordinator, North Canaan Elementary, Canaan, Ct."
Abe Lincoln In Person
Bob Conrad as Abe Lincoln.
Mr. Lincoln and Tommy talk about slavery.
Abe Lincoln pulls a Flag out of his hat !
Bob Conrad as Abe Lincoln in
Bob Conrad is the author/ illustrator
of "Bob Conrad's Great Americans"
which highlights the life of several
great Americans including Abraham
Lincoln. The research that went into
that book inspired this program.