This  all  new  magic  show  takes  your  students  on  
an  adventure  with bugs  and  bees,  spiders  and  
snakes.   They  will  meet  Bob  Conrad's puppet  
friend  Bumble  the  Bee,  and  a  mind  reading  spider
named Alfred. Members of your audience will help Bob
Conrad change Clarence the caterpillar into a beautiful

Using magic, puppets, ventriloquism, and large visual
props your students will learn some interesting facts
about bugs, bees, spiders and snakes. They will learn
about the different species of insects and snakes, and
the environments that the live in. They will learn which
of these creatures are helpful to man, and which are

A fun program from beginning to end, that is both
entertaining and educational.

(note: There are no live animals or insects used in this program)
Versions for grades K - 3, 4 - 6, and K - 6

You too can have results like this!

"I wanted to be sure and tell you how impressed our Cultural
Arts Committee was with your performance on Monday at
Stony Point Elementary School.  I know that your material can
be used for all elementary aged kids, but I loved how you
geared this presentation, Bugs, Bees , Spiders & Snakes for
our Kindergarten.  You used material that was so

To see and hear a room full of children, laughing out loud and
roaring at your jokes, and then in the next moment to have
them so riveted by the information being imparted is truly a
gift that you have.  The teachers all responded so favorably
and were so pleased  that we truly ran a program specifically
for their students.  It was a bit embarrassing to have them be
so grateful to our committee, when all we did was make a
phone call to book your act!

I want to assure you that we will be in touch to have you
come back with another one of your programs next year.  I
wish you success in the mean time, and if you ever need a
reference for another school, feel free to have them call me.  I
will sure to give your information to our assistant principal
who is moving to a new school in Westchester County next  

All the best,

Paula Sandusky, Cultural Arts Committee

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for bringing  
your "Bugs & Bees, Spiders & Snakes" show to our library.
The kids who were there enjoyed the show. A few of them
were asking about Bumble the Bee the next day. We hope to
bring you back to Monclair  for another show."

Tom Ruddy, Youth Service Librarian, Monclair Public
Library, Montclair, NJ

"We really enjoyed your new nature magical puppet show,
"Bugs & Bees, Spiders & Snakes"! Bumble the Bee was a hit.
What a comedian! Everyone , parents and kids of all ages,
said they had a great time. Looking forward to future

Hollace Hoffman, Director, Trailside Nature and Science
Center, Mountainside, NJ
Bugs & Bees, Spiders & Snakes
Alfred the Mind Reading Spider finds audience
members card and magically spins it out on his web.
Bob with Bumble the Bee.
Bernie the Book Worm magically appears from
inside the Library.