Ringmaster  Bob  Conrad  brings  his  magical  circus  
to  life  on  your stage  with  Magic,  Ventriloquism,  
Music,  Balloons  and  lots  of audience  participation.   
He  will  introduce  your  audience   to  Fred the  Talking
Table and ventriloquist figure Rags the Tramp Clown.
They will entertain, astonish, amaze and involve every
member of your audience in a production that they will
never forget.

Bob Conrad will change a member of the audience into
a Magic Clown and lead the audience volunteers in a
circus parade of balloon animals. Fun from beginning to
end, Bob Conrad's Circus of Fun.

Listen to what they say !

"Bob Conrad's "Circus of Fun" was a huge success at our
children's library.  Everyone who attended , both children and
adults, had a fabulous time.  The children were  so captivated
by your show that they had no idea that the "talking box" and
the Hobo clown puppet  were speaking because of your first
rate ventriloquism skills.  The boys and girls thought your
tricks were magic !  So did I !   The entire program was clever
and flawlessly performed.  You are a master entertainer.
Thanks so much for making quality children's possible to our
community.  We will definitely be having you back for a repeat
performance next summer and for many years to come.  I will
tell all my colleagues throughout Westchester County to hire

Mary Feldhaus, Children's Librarian, Eastchester Public
Library, Eastchester, NY

"I should like to take this opportunity to thank you for your
excellent entertainment program, "Circus of Fun" Your
mastery of puppets, magic, ventriloquism and balloons was a
sight to behold. Our children , teachers and parents enjoyed
your presentation very much.
Keep up the good work. Bringing pleasure to children is one of
the most satisfying feelings we can have. I would not hesitate
to recommend your program to anyone."

Anthony J. Caporaso, P.S. 32, Staten Island, NY

"Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the truly wonderful
show, "Circus of Fun", that you put on for the children of
Fairview.  What a delight is was for all of us to be entertained
by a gifted magician such as yourself in a warm and intimate
setting such as the library. The children and their parents
were absolutely enchanted throughout the entire performance.
I would commend you on your skill in handling a large group of
enthusiastic children who were all very eager to participate in
the program, as well as the rapport you had with an audience
that ranged in age from toddlers to pre-teens.  It is to your
credit that the crowd was giggling and raising their hands to
help out the entire time.
We look forward to seeing you again as a most enjoyable and
entertaining evening was had by all."

Lori-Ann Quinn, Children's Librarian Fairview Public Library,
Fairview ,NJ
Circus Of Fun
Ring Master Bob Conrad
with Fred the Magic
Talking Table.
Bob turns himself into a Puppet Clown.
Rags the Tramp Clown giving Bob a hard time!