This program takes your students on an imaginary magical
voyage to the bottom of the sea, where they learn about the
oceans of the world and the creatures that live beneath the
sea. Using a large array of performance skills including ;
magic, ventriloquism,  storytelling, and large visual props.
Your students will learn about:

  • The Oceans of the world.
  • The creatures that live beneath the sea.
  • An ocean of facts about the ocean.

Members of the audience will take part in the magic in this
highly entertaining and educational  interactive program.

Versions for grades K - 3, 4 - 6, and K - 6


You too can have results like this!

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bob Conrad for his fabulous
performance of the Deep Sea Magic Show ! Bob has been performing at our
school for several years. No matter what the theme is, he is always able to
make the show funny for children, as well as adults. Not only is Bob Conrad a
wonderful performer, his flexibility and kindness is overwhelming.  Thank you
for making our Spirit Day a huge success.  The children were talking about
Bob, and imitating his jokes for the rest of the year. Hope to see you again
next year."

Lisa Mazzaglia, Assembly Coordinator, Merrimac School, Holbrook, NY

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful show presented to our students.
The faculty and students were pleasantly surprised a nd happy with the
shows.  The shows were very entertaining and a marvelous learning
experience for all.  You certainly included everything that is important to
youngsters today.  You built their confidence.
We will certainly recommend you to other schools."

Sister Maureen Christopher, Principal, St. John Grammar School. Orange,

"On behalf of the students, staff and parents of PS 5 , I would like to thank
you for your skillful and entertaining performance.  They were very amused
with the educationally entertaining show on Deep-Sea Magic.  Your wit and
humor had their attention at all times, as well as the staff and parents.  The
children loved the puppetry and tricks,  They learned about the ocean and
mammal  life in a productive way.
We look forward to another performance in the spring and I highly
recommend your shows.  Please feel free to use me as a reference if needed."

Shryl Gersh, Co-President PTA PS 5, Staten Island, NY

"Many thanks from all of us here at the West Haven Public Library for your
educational and entertaining program "The Deep Sea Magic Show" as
presented at our branch library before our boys and girls participating in our
summer reading program.
Your use of illusion, ventriloquism and illustrations taught the children about
the ocean and it's inhabitants.  However, not only did the children learn about
the ocean, but your emphasis on library books resulted in a flock of children
at the conclusion of your program to pursue books on display in the library.
Parents and children enjoyed your performance and are looking forward to
another performance in the future."

Concetta Sacca, Director, West Haven Public Library, West Haven ,CT

"Bob Conrad opened our Summer Reading Programs with his "Deep Sea
Magic Show" .  The program was not only entertaining but informative as
well.  As Bob performed magic he also revealed some interesting facts about
the sea.
There were about 50 children in attendance along with their parents. The
adults seemed to enjoy the program as much as the children.
I would recommend this program to other organizations."

Olga Urbanowicz, Children's Librarian, Spotswood Public Library,
Spotswood, NJ
The Deep Sea Magic Show
Deck hand  Gomer and Captain Bob talk about
Captain Bob bails the boat out with help from
Fred the Magic Talking Table.
Captain Bob explains about the
creatures that live beneath the sea.
Bob Conrad is the author/illustator
of "Bob Conrad's Deep Sea