"Bob Conrad has and will always be welcomed back enthusiastically to perform. Many times he has
brought his charm and talents to entertain at the summer programs. Librarians and patrons both agree,
this is a show all mus see !!!"
Randall F. haines, East Lyme, Ct. Public Library Children's Librarian.

"Thank you for, once again enthralling our standing-room only audience for our Summer reading Finale
"Dream Big" in August. Everyone was captivated by the magic, puppetry, and humor that you bring to
your programs. As always, you brought our Summer Reading Program to an exciting conclusion. Year
after year, we invite you to perform for our children and their parents because
we know that your show will give all in attendance a great big smile and the great pleasure of knowing
that they participated in a very special reading program.
Elaine Braithwaite,Branch Manager,Ora Mason Branch,West Haven Public Library,West Haven,CT  

"Just wanted to say "thank you" for another great show! AS always, both children and adults were
thoroughly entertained. we look forward to seeing you again next year."
Susan Serico, Director, North Haledon Free Public Library, North Haledon, NJ

'We enjoyed having Bob Conrad perform here at the Lynbrook Library. He was very funny and engaging
and the children really enjoyed this show. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for an
entertainer. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.
Renee Baez, Youth Sevices Librarian, Lynbrook Public Library, Lynbrook, NY

"The Deep Sea Magic Show' was the latest presentation in our library by Bob Conrad.  As always, he
was prompt, well rehearsed, and targeted the audience well.  He presented a slick, kid-friendly, and
appealing program.
In addition to his skills as a performer, he again demonstrated his efficiency as his own manager.  Bob
Conrad prepared well from all angles and showed sound, client-friendly business acumen."
Paul J. Bisnette, Head, Children's Services Division, Silas Bronsonibrary, Waterbury, CT

"Bob is one of the most ingenious and innovative magicians for Children I've seen in my 15-year librarian
career. He has perfect command among the audience, and never missed a trick making kids laugh.
Moreover, his rich repertoire always matched  and tied in the themes we need at the time, made it the
best program to kick off the much-anticipated Summer Reading Programs or any other seasonal
Teresa Chang,Head of Children's Services,Eastchester, NY Public Library

"Bob Conrad kept a lively group of children happily laughing with his show “Winter Wonderland” at our
library this December. The children really enjoyed the humor and the great puppets plus that perennial
question everyone asks at a magic show “how did he do that?” A good time was had by all."
Judy Schavrien, Children’s librarian Crestwood Branch, Yonkers NY Public Library

"Thanks so much for your outstanding Halloween Magic/Puppet show. The children and parents were
excited and quite pleased with all the wonderful tricks. The children just couldn't stop talking about
your fuzzy yellow friend who magically appeared from the "box" to wreak havoc everywhere. Your
appearing and disappearing skull was quite a hit too !
Thanks for a GREAT show ! You always do a wonderful job whenever you come to our library. It was
good to see you again.
Brian Cazanave, Children's Librarian, Cliffside Park Library, Cliffside Park, NJ

"Thank you for "making a splash" at our summer reading program held earlier this month. I heard lots
of giggles and comments such as " Awesome" and "How did he do that?" from our audience. As always,
you were a big hit with both the children and the parents in attendance. I look forward to seeing you
here again next year."
Susan Serico, Director, North Haledon Public Library, North Haledon, NJ

"I just wanted to tell you how much we all enjoyed your show! Both young and old were doing belly
laughs. Your performance was professional and the perfect length of time. The puppets were very cute
and engaging and the children really thought they were doing the talking! You can be sure you will be
back at out library in the near future!"
Malissa Quarles,Chilrens Librarian, Monroe Free Library, Monroe, NY

"Your "Balloon Man" presentation at the Lyndhurst Library was a huge success. The children laughed
from beginning to end with your funny antics. I especially enjoy the audience participation that you
cleverly incorporate. This allows children to fell special. Also, the balloons blown for each child
individually was a real treat for them and very generous of you ! Thanks again for a grand time."
Maryellen Kulzy, Children's Librarian, Lyndhurst Public Library, Lyndhurst, NJ

"Monday's "Magical Winter Wonderland" program was so much fun, and the 58 children who attended
your show thoroughly enjoyed themselves. I love your puppets and how you interact with them. The dog
was hilarious, and I really liked the Frosty drawing board. We'll be having you back in the not too
distant future for another wonderful show."
Mary Feldhaus, Children's Librarian, Eastchester, NY Public Library

"I had the pleasure today of inviting Bob Conrad to the Ridgefield Library.  He skillfully entertained
children ages 5 and older with his variety show.  The theme for our summer reading program is "Be
Creative" and I couldn't have invited anyone more creative than Bob.  Children and parents alike had a
wonderful time.  He had our discerning audience filled with side-splitting laughter when he performed
his ventriloquism with a paper plate puppet.  They were mesmerized when he used his magic picture
frame and they enjoyed dancing to his banjo. He is truly a talented entertainer who knows children and
what makes them laugh.  Bob hasn't visited our library for many years and it is nice to see that he
hasn't lost his touch! "
Diane Antezzo, Children's Librarian, Ridgefield Ct. Library  

"Thanks so much for coming up to perform for the families here yesterday. You have a really
interesting and entertaining show, and many of the parents were really pleased and expressed their
enjoyment as they left. Thanks again,"
Alison Francis,Youth Services Librarian, LaGrange Library, Poughkeepsie, NY

Thank you so much for your Aug. 6th performance for the Goshen Public Library. The children had so
much fun. We loved that the children were able to actually be part of the show. Your Holiday shows
look very interesting, we will keep them in mind for future programming. Again thanks so much for your
wonderfully entertaining and funny performance.
Kitty Ruberte-Smith,Goshen Public Library, Goshen, NY

"It is not enough to say thank you for your magical presentation of "Fun with Ventriloquism.." You were
splendid. You took an art form which has not been available and presented it to an audience of all ages
on a level that all attending could enjoy. You were awesome. We laughed and marvelled at the
characters brought to life through the medium of ventriloquism. All present were amused and commented
on your wit, humor, and skills. We look forward to having you back and recommend your shows."
Alma J. Henderson, Director, Saddle Brook Free Public Library

"Thank you so much for your recent presentation of "Puppets,Puppets,Puppets" at the Verona Public
Library.  The children had so much fun watching you make the different types of puppets, and made
from a variety of materials, come alive before their eyes. As usual, there was plenty of humor,
excitement and just palin fun.We are all looking forward to your next performance at the Verona
Rebecca Burkhart, Children's Librarian, Public Library, Varona NJ

"As ever , your show is a delight both to the children and to the adults. We have had the pleasure of
your performances for several years now and have always found them entertaining.  Few performers
have had as much response and laughter as you have had."
James Garland, Director, Mount Arlington Public Library, Mount Arlington, NJ

"Thank you so much for presenting "Magic and Monsters" at our library this past fall.  We had the
largest audience we have ever had for a children's  program.  I our small town of 4,000 people , over
sixty children and fifty adults thrilled at your skills as a ventriloquist, laughed at your jokes, and were
dazzled by your skills as a magician. So many people approached me afterward and said it was not only
the best magic show they had ever seen, but also that it was the best children's program the library
had ever had.  We look forward to having you visit our library again soon."
Erin Simmons, Children's Librarian, Scoville Memorial Library, Salisbury, Ct.

"As always your show hit the mark. I received comments for our attendees saying the show was
"amazing" and "entertaining". I know I can always rely on you to give a great performance. It was a big
relief to me when I was able to book you 3 weeks before our finale, when our original performer had to
cancel due to an injury. Thank you again for helping make the 2008 summer reading club closing a
complete success.
Laurie Leon, Head of Youth Services, Dixon Homestead library, Dumont, NJ

"We thoroughly enjoyed having you here at the Scarsdale Public Library. The children had a great
time.  The proof was in their laughter and smiling bright faces. I want to thank you for coming here to
entertain, and involve the children in your wonderful program. We will be in touch to schedule you in the
Karen A. Zielinski, Children's Services, Scarsdale Public Library, Scaresdale , NY

"Thank you for performing "Bugs, Bees, Spiders & Magic" at the Oxford Public Library.  The children
and their parents really enjoyed themselves!  This program was made up of a wonderful combination of
humor, magic, and bug facts. I especially liked when you taught the concept of metamorphosis by
magically changing a group of brightly colored scarves and a white caterpillar scarf into one beautiful
butterfly scarf.
The library would be happy to recommend you as a performer to other venues."
Marissa Ciullo, Children's Librarian, Oxford Public Library,Oxford, Ct.

"On behalf of the Port Chester Public Library and the young people it serves, I would like to commend
you on your terrific magic show held at our library on Monday, June 30th.
The children and parents had a wonderful time and were very entertained.  Your puppets were lively and
captured the audience's attention.
Thanks for a great show."
Tee Cotter, Children's Librarian, Port Chester NY Public Library.

"We were very pleased with your recent performance of the show "Bugs, Bees, Spiders & Magic" that
was performed at the Passaic Public Library for our Summer Reading Program's Family Night on Monday,
July 14th.
It was a fantastic show, which kept the audience (both young and older) members captivated and indeed
was a large-sized audience.  The children's laughter filled the room !
We look forward to inviting you back again to perform for us for our Summer Reading Program or
another holiday show."
Georgina Cepeda, Children's Librarian, Forstmann Library, Passaic, NJ

"Thank you again for a wonderful program at our library.  The 85 or so children and their parents who
attended were thrilled with the program.  It was a fast-paced and exciting throughout. You kept
everyone entertained and the entire program kept with our theme, "Catch the Reading Bug".
Thanks again for a wonderful summer program.
Catherine Stewart, Children's Librarian, Memorial Library, Nazareth, Pa.

"Conrad Productions has provided quality affordable performances to the Elizabeth Public Library for
over 20  Years.  These performances vary in theme but not in quality. Bob Conrad provides the magic,
which allows an inanimate object to come to life. No child or adult leaves a performance without a laugh
or a chuckle."
Carolyn A. Geeding, Children's Supervisor, Elizabeth Public Library, Elizabeth, NJ

"Fun, fun, fun" is the only way to describe the "Holiday Magic Show" that you presented here on
December 11.  The laughter and squeals of delight from the almost 70 children filled the building. The
parents and staff were bedazzled and amused as well.  I especially enjoy how you relate to the
children with magic and puppetry.
Thank you for providing an enjoyable afternoon."
Olga Urbanowicz, Children's librarian, Public Library, Spotswood, NJ

"I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful performance you put on  in our Town
hall Community Center last week.  The " Holiday Magic" show was terrific.  Many grandparents
attended with their grandchildren and enjoyed the vaudeville flavor of your show. The children enjoyed
the puppets and the magic. A good time was had by all."
Mary Lee Bulat, Children's Programmer, Public library, Harwinton, Ct.

"Monday's "Magical Mystery Revue" program was outstanding. The 112 energetic children who attended
your show thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  You really know how to entertain a large audience of kids!  I
loved the rabbit and the lovable dog, two great characters that you magically brought to life.  Your
skills as a ventriloquist are so amazing, that the children have no idea that you were actually doing the
talking for the dog puppet.  I loved all the humor and jokes that you incorporated into the entire
program.  You truly are the quintessential performer.  Thanks for making our kick off party for the
summer reading game so successful.  We look forward to having you back again to our library for
another great show."
Mary Feldhaus, Children's Librarian, Eastchester Public Library, Eastchester, NY

"It was a pleasure having you as part of our Summer Reading Program. We hope to do it again. We
truly enjoyed your magic."
Sue Mocerino, Children's librarian, Pocono Mountain Public Library, Tobyhanna, Pa

"Both Marge LoRusso and I would like to thank you very much for the wonderful "MAGICAL MYSTERY
REVUE" you presented on Thursday, June 28 to help us begin our SUMMER READING GAME for 2007.
Your program "Magical Mystery Revue" fit in very nicely with the SUMMER READING GAME  theme for
Both Marge and I look forward to having another of your programs at the Harrison Public Library."
Judith L. Clark, Children's Librarian, Harrison Public Library, Harrison, NY

"It has been  our great fortune to host two of your programs in our library this year.
"Dragons, Dreams
and Magic "  
was the perfect program to kick off our summer reading program and your "Holiday Magic"  
program delighted our large audience of families .  You have a special rapport and empathy with children
of all ages.  Your entertainments are creative , well-planned and attention grabbing.  It is not an easy
task to keep an audience  "spellbound"
Continue the fun and the laughter.  We hope to welcome you back in the future."
JoAnn A. Tropiano, Director, Nutley Free Public Library, Nutley, NJ

"Thanks so much for coming in the exceptional weather and performing once again for our community of
patrons.  The group that attended enjoyed the afternoon.  I look forward to many more of your
performances at our library."
Alma Henderson, Director, Saddle Brook Free Public Library, Saddle Brook, NJ

"Many thanks for a truly magical show at the Fair Haven Library last month.  I am always amazed at
how well you can adapt seemingly standard magic tricks to various themes and storylines.
Dreams and Magic"
was the perfect complement to our summer reading club.  You captured every child's
attention, mystified them and made them laugh, all at the same time.   They really enjoyed themselves.
Once again , thank you for sharing your time and talent with our young readers."
Pat Findra, Assistant Coordinator , Fair Haven Public Library, Fair Haven, NJ

"Bob Conrad performed two
"Dragons,Dreams and Magic"   shows at the Main Branch of the West Haven
Public Library on August 2, 2005.  The theme of his program nicely matched the theme of our Summer
Reading Program: " Dragons, Dreams and Daring Deeds".
Of  any 2005 summer children's programs at our library, we had the largest attendance for Mr.
Conrad's two shows.  The audience ranged from toddlers through grandparents and everyone in
between.  Mr. Conrad's production inspired many laughs due mainly to his creative humor and silliness.  
While his show was obviously designed for children, its humor is suited to all audiences.  Mr. Conrad
showed he is very talented in all facets of his show: ventriloquism, magic and puppetry - oftentimes
combining all three for some of the most pleasurable moments of the 45 minute production.  Watching
him perform certainly was a joy.
Normally , I can tell how much an audience enjoys themselves by the way they react during the
performance.  Many times during Mr. Conrad's shows, I looked around the audience and saw all smiling
faces.  However, that is not the only way that I know the audience liked the program.  For about
three days after Mr. Conrad's production, I had ten people come up to me personally and say something
flattering about the show.  It ranged from a parent saying that she could not believe her three-year-
old  son stayed quiet and motionless for almost an hour to a grandmother saying she had not laughed
that hard in a long time.
Although everyone had a different reason for enjoying the show, there was one phrase that everyone
said to me concerning Mr. Conrad: "I hope you have him back again next year."  I gave the same answer
to all of them: "So do we ! "
Steven Fowler, Children's Librarian, West Haven Public Library, West haven, CT.

"We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your "
Dragons, Dreams and Magic" program on
August 4.  You brought  just the right blend of magic, puppetry and humor to keep our audience of
varied ages entranced and laughing the whole time.  Those who attended were very appreciative and had
many positive comments.
We look forward to hosting one of your programs again soon."
Rebecca Burkhart, Children's Librarian, Verona Public Library, Verona, NJ

"I can always count on Bob Conrad for an excellent performance. He has done many history shows here
at Brentwood Public Library including Abe Lincoln in Person, A Visit with Thomas Alva Edison, Davy
Crockett's American Frontier, Songs of America and most recently The American History
Magic Show. All of these shows are educational as well as entertaining. The kids love Bob's
performances and so do we.
Adele Bennett, History Youth Librarian, Brentwood Public Library, Brentwood, NY 11717  

"Last Monday's "
Fun with Ventriloquism" program was outstanding.  The 101 children who attended were
captivated, and so was I . Everybody giggled and smiled throughout the hour long show,  and laughter
prevailed.  This was definitely  your best show yet.  You are amazingly talented, and I want you to
know that you are the best ventriloquist I have ever seen.  Besides your skills, your puns and jokes are
so entertaining.  The props and puppets you used - the drawing board, snake/turtle, and the big bird -
came alive.  They weren't just puppets, they became creatures with unique personalities.
Thank you so much for making quality children's programming possible at our library.  We will definitely
have you back again.  Thanks for a first rate show! "
Mary Feldhaus, Children's Librarian, Eastchester Public Library, Eastchester, NY

"The performance you presented at our library
"Dragons, Dreams and Magic" program was a  perfect  
tie-in  to our summer reading theme.  The audience participation and humor kept the attention of the
children as well as the parents.  The children especially enjoyed meeting your two friends Merlin and
Nutley Public Library and the children of the community of Nutley would like to thank you for making
their visit to the library majestic."
Dora Oliviero, Teacher/Librarian, Nutley Public Library, Nutley, NJ

"Thank you very much for presenting your delightful program
"Medieval Magic" at our library on August
15. It was a great finale to our summer programs and all who attended enjoyed the show immensely.  
Your magic tricks were fun and your jokes even funnier, but I must admit, my favorite was your friend,
the dragon puppet. He was the best!
We look forward to seeing you again soon.  Again, many thanks for a great show."
Flavia A. Bronica, Director, Rose Memorial Library, Stony Point, NY

"I just wanted to let you know how much the children (and parents) enjoyed the
"Read and Grow Magic
 It was the perfect start to our  Summer Reading Program (we had 260 people, most of whom
came upstairs to the Children's Room)
I especially liked that you made books  and reading fun. Thanks for a great show ! "
Diane McCrink, Yonkers Public Library, Yonkers. NY

"Thank you for your performance at the Greenwich Library. Our young patrons had a marvelous time
learning about the
Rain Forests of the world.  The puppets were a big hit and everyone loved your zany
We look forward to having you back at the library in the future.  Please feel free to offer my name as
a reference if other organizations inquire about your services.  I would be happy to share stories of
your success in Greenwich."
Tiffany Muir, Librarian, Greenwich Library, Greenwich, Ct
Letters of
For Library Programs