Listen to what they say:

"Bob Conrad has done many of his historical shows over the last five years here at
Brentwood Public Library, I recommend him highly. Bob's performances are wonderful. He
engages the children by making the shows entertaining, educational, interactive, funny, and
amazing with his magical illusions and ventriloquism."

Adele Bennett, History Youth Librarian, Brentwood, NY Public Library

"This is a letter of recommendation for Mr. Bob Conrad who performed for the third graders
at Lloyd Harbor School this fall.  Mr. Conrad's program " A Magical Approach to Geography"
was utilized in direct connection with our third grade Social Studies curriculum.  
Furthermore, it was a part of our Cultural Arts initiative at Lloyd Harbor School.
Mr. Conrad is an energetic presenter who has the ability to capture children's attention for
a prolonged period of time.  He is motivated, knowledgeable, and was great with our
students. While presenting to our children he allowed them to express themselves and
participate while managing the group at the same time. His appreciation and understanding of
geography is evident. This was definitely a worthwhile opportunity for our students, and we
look forward to his return."

Kurt Simon, Assistant Principal, Lloyd Hatrbor School, Huntington, NJ

"For the past few years the students and staff of William O. Schaefer Elementary School
have had the good fortune of being an audience member at one of Bob Conrad's energetic
Mr. Conrad provided our young students with an insightful, comprehensive presentation on
recycling. This one-man performer is enthusiastic, entertaining and clearly gets the
important message across to our young students. They learned the value os saving and
conserving our resources while truly enjoying the show. His creative props allowed the
students to be active members of the assembly program where much laughter is heard ! The
teachers also enjoyed the presentation and are quite impressed with the whole program.
You would not be disappointed if Bob Conrad Productions visited your school.  There is
certainly a wide variety of subjects to choose from that could tie into any curriculum.
We look forward to having Bob Conrad at our school next year."

Nora Polansky, Principal, William O. Schaefer Elementary, Tappan, NY

"I can always count on Bob Conrad for an excellent performance. He has done many history
shows here at Brentwood Public Library including Abe Lincoln in Person, A Visit with Thomas
Alva Edison, Davy Crockett's American Frontier, Songs of America and most recently The
American History Magic Show. All of these shows are educational as well as entertaining.
The kids love Bob's performances and so do we.
Adele Bennett, History Youth Librarian, Brentwood Public Library, Brentwood, NY 11717  

"Our third grade at Crompond Elementary School in Yorktown, NY has had the privilege of
working with Bob Conrad  for several years.  He has provided assembly performances for
Around the World Day celebration each year.  His talent and enthusiasm excites children
and adults alike.
We highly recommend him and his shows for any elementary school."
The Third Grade Teachers, Crompond Elementary, Yorktown, NY

I would like to thank you for performing two excellent school assemblies at Jordan Road
School this year.
The  students  enjoyed  having  Abe  Lincoln  visit  our  school  in  March.  His  stories,  
magic  and  special  guests  made the program both informative and entertaining.
In  April  ,  the  Educational  Geography  assembly  was  enjoyed  by  all  the  students  in  
grades  one  through  six. Through puppetry and magic you opened the student's eyes to the
knowledge of far away places and cultures.
Thank  you  again  for  an  assembly  program  that  was  engaging  and  educational.   We  
look  forward  to  seeing  you next year.

Jeff Miller, Principal, Jordan Road Elementary, Somers Point, NJ

Thank  you  for  presenting  "Songs  that  helped  build  America"  at  John  Pettibone  
School  on  Nov.  2.   The  student response  for  all  grades  K  through  5th  was  
enthusiastic  and  positive.   Teacher  comments  were  also  flattering.   All agreed that
your musical program was an effective way to present some of our nation's history.
I  wish  you  success  with  your  company  and  hope  that  we  may  be  able  to  bring  
you  back  to  Pettibone  School  at  a future date.

S. Carol Theisen, Cultural Arts Chairperson, John Pettibone Elementary, New Milford, Ct.

Thank  you  for  a  wonderful  assembly.  The  children  thoroughly  enjoyed  your  
"American  History  Magic  Show".  The younger  grades  were  thrilled!   I'm  sure  you  
heard  them  roar  with  delight  at  your  program!   And  to  my  surprise,  the older  
grades  enjoyed  the  program  as  well.   They  enjoyed  the  drawing,  ventriloquism,  and  
magical  way  of  learning American History.
Thank  you for a wonderful program.

Nina Ricci, Arts in Education Chairperson , St Denis/ St Columba School, Hopewell Junction,

Thank  you  for  an  informative  and  entertaining  presentation.  Your  program,  The  
Magic  of  Science,  was  presented in  a  very  professional  manner  which  enable  
students  from  kindergarten  to  grade  five  to  learn  some  exciting scientific  
principles.   They  were  amused,  at  the  magic  but  walked  away  with  some  great  
new  knowledge  in science.

Donald G. Mitchell, Principal, Frances C. Griffin Elementary, Watertown, Ct.

On  behalf  of  the  students  ,  staff  and  parents  of  PS  5  I  would  like  to  thank  
you  for  your  skillful  and  entertaining performance.  They  were  amused  with  the  
educationally  entertaining  show  on  Deep  Sea  Magic.   Your  wit  and humor  had  their  
attention  at  all  times  ,  as  well  as  the  staff  and  parents.   The  children  loved  
the  puppetry  and  tricks. They learned about the ocean and mammal life in a fun productive
way. We look forward to another performance in the spring and I highly recommend your

Sheryl Gersh, Co-President PTA, School #5, Staten Island, NY

Your  presentation  of  "A  Visit  With  Thomas  Alva  Edison"  was  excellent.   You  really  
brought  Thomas  Edison  alive for  us.  Some  of  the  students  wanted  to  know  if  you  
were  the  real  Thomas  Edison!   Your  props,  historical background and costume were
superb. The show was a real treat for students and staff.

Elizabeth Wood, Librarian, Lindenhurst Middle School, Lindenhusrt, NY

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