Letters of Recommendation
For Recreation Programs
"The Township of Plainsboro loves Bob Conrad and his shows.
We have enjoyed his entertainment for the past 10 years.  We recently had "Magic and
Monsters" for our Halloween event Haunted Tonight.  Over 600 people attended throughout the
night and Bob's Magic Show was one of the favorite activities of the children.  You could hear
them laughing, ooooing and ahhing throughout the performance.
Bob is always a professional.  He entertains with heart.
During the summer Bob does puppet shows at our summer camps. These shows vary from year
to year and are always a delight."

Tina Preville, Karen Proveromo, Township of Plainsboro, NJ Special Events Program Coordinators

"Just a quick note to advise you that your show "Outer Space magic" was very much enjoyed
by the children at the Oradell Recreation Summer Program on Thursday afternoon, July 14.
You have been visiting us each summer for almost twenty years now, and have always provided
us with an entertaining program.
We look forward to seeing you again in 2012."
Doug Parcells, Summer Program Director, Oradell, NJ Recreation Department.

"On behalf of the Bloomfield Recreation Department I would like to personally thank you for
putting on your Magic and Monsters performance at our Annual Halloween Celebration. You have
become a staple at this event and both the kids as well as the parents always enjoy your
show. Thanks again for your punctuality, professionalism, and all around great Show!
Michael Sceurman, Assistant Director Bloomfield Recreation Department, Bloomfield, NJ

"On a lighter note, one of the most popular attractions of the day was the quick wit and
comedic timing of magician Bob Conrad. Young residents sat and watched the show intently as
older residents chuckled at his jokes. Although a misty rain began to fall, the audience still
sat to watch as Conrad began a ventriloquist act."
Hardyston, NJ Newspaper, Hardyston Day Celebration

"All our Seniors enjoyed your show immensely on the day you came here. They are still talking
about it and I was totally fascinated!"
Marianne Schutz President, Golden Ages of Little Falls,NJ.

" I wanted to thank you for a terrific performance at out Community Day an June 19, 2010.
Great feedback from the children and parents. As usual , a job well done !!
Hope to see you next year."
Phyllis Coleman, Deputy Municipal Clerk, Lopatcong, NJ

"Thank you for coming to our Summer Recreation Program at Cedar Hill and Mount Prospect
schools. The children and staff look forward to your visit every year.  They all enjoy the
magic shows and the ventriloquism you put on.  You always seem to keep the children engaged
and interested. They all love the jokes and were wowed by the tricks you put on.  The
children truly enjoy this part of camp and it was your support that helped to make the
program a success.  I hope to see you next summer.  Thanks again for your support.
Jennifer Armstrong, Bernards Township Parks and Recreation, Basking Ridge ,NJ

It was a pleasure having you perform for the Plainsboro Twp. Haunted Tonight event.  You are
always very professional, easy to work with, creative, appropriate and fun!  Hope to see you
again soon.
Tina Preville, Special Event Coordinator, Plainsboro, NJ Recreation

"Thank you so much for participating in our annual Community Day, which was held this year on
June 27th. As usual, you wowed the kids and adults with your performance.  We hope to see
more of your acts in the future."
Phyllis Coleman, Deputy Municipal Clerk, Township of Lopatcong, NJ

" I am sending this quick note to tell you that the children at the Oradell Recreation Summer
Program thoroughly enjoyed your presentation of "Bugs, Bees, Spiders and Magic" this past
Wednesday morning.
We always look forward to your programs and hope that you will able to join us again next
summer! "
Doug Parcells, Director of Recreation, Oradell, NJ

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for participating in our annual community day.  As
usual , your performance was exceptional.  There was a lot of laughter from both the children
and adults alike.  We had many comments from our residents saying how much they enjoyed
your show.
We hope that you will be able to join us again next year.  We know that we, as well as our
residents, will not be disa ppointed."
Margaret B. Dilts, Clerk/Administrator, Township of Lopatcong, NJ

"Thank you for your performance at our annual Halloween Celebration.  Your performance was
very entertaining for the children as well as the adults in attendance.  Overall, the entire day
was a huge success.
It is safe to say you have become a staple of our Halloween Program, and I look forward to
continuing to work with you in the future.  Best of luck in the coming year. Thanks again."
Michael L. Sceurman, Assistant Director, Recreation Bloomfield, NJ

"Just a quick note of thanks and accolades for being a part of Shackamaxon Golf & Country
Club's annual Children's Halloween party.  You were highly recommended to me by our
childrens's Camp Director, where you had performed this past summer.  I was a little
concerned when our Halloween party grew to over 230 members, of which there were over 75
children - whether or not you would be able to keep their attention - I know you were very
successful with smaller groups.

My concerns were quickly dispelled once you began you "Magic & Monsters" program.  You
captured the attention of the children and parents alike.  In fact, I heard a comment from a
couple of fathers- "this guy is so good, we could have snuck out to play a few holes, and the
kids would never have known we were gone." The moms on the way out complimented my team
on having the best Halloween party in history- due largely in part to your show.

I look forward to having you return to Shackamaxon for our upcoming Children's Holiday Party
at the end of December."
Jerome D. Louie, General Manager, Shackamaxon Golf & Country Club, Scotch Plains, NJ

"We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a job well done.. once again!!!  The
children thoroughly enjoyed the show this summer, so we wanted to let you know.  The camp
staff thoroughly enjoyed your professionalism and punctuality.
Another great part of your entertainment package is the ease at which we can book your
appearance.  Being available to us with answers to all our questions is a big help.
Hopefully the rest of your summer has been good for your business.  We hope to see you next
year, so until then, keep up the good work."
Peter A. Zaranski, Program Supervisor, Recreation Commission, Leonia, NJ

'On behalf of the Franklin/ Hardyston  Recreation Committee and myself, I would like to take
this opportunity to extend our thanks to you for participating in our Halloween Spooktacular.
The show received wonderful feedback and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the parents and
children in attendance.
Please accept my special thanks and appreciation for adding to the program. I look forward to
working with you again in the future."
Suzanne Cahill, Recreation Director, Franklin, NJ

"Bob Conrad is TERRIFIC!! I've been using him since 1971... 37 straight years!!
The campers and staff love his shows."
Neil Rothstein, Owner, Camp Horizons, Livingston, NJ

"I want to thank you once again for coming to our camp and performing this past summer. The
program that you performed, "Magic Around the World", was wonderful and quite well received
by our campers. Though they are of various ages between 5 and 10 , they all seemed to enjoy
the program equally.
You are a truly creative performer.  We hope to have you back in the future. Perhaps we can
experience more than one of your diverse programs."
Amy Kochmeister, Camp Coordinator, Rockland Center for the Arts, West Nyack, NY

"The performance you gave at Trailside Nature & Science Center on August 21st was enjoyed
by both the public and our staff as well,
Thank you for helping to make our summer Wednesday Matinee series a huge success."
Patricia Bertsch, Director , Trailside Nature & science Center, Mountainside, NJ

"We would like to thank you for a fine performance on August 1st.  You seemed to hold the
attention of the audience for quit some time.  We look forward to seeing you again soon."
Dorothy Banner, Special Activities Coordinator, Recreation Dept, Point Pleasant, NJ

"Thank you for the wonderful program delivered to the Lenape Day Camp on August 11th. We
apprecieated the wonderful interaction you enjoyed with the campers and all of the age levels
giggled through your entire performance.  I look forward to having you come back to camp next
summer- - or perfhaps even sooner this winter during the holidays for your new holiday
program for the general community program. I'll be in touch."
Patricia Millen, Camp Director, Plainsboro, NJ

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the great performances at our 5
summer playground locations.  Your ability to capture the children's attention is outstanding.  
There is always great feedback after your performances (from kids and parents alike).
I am looking forward to working with you again next summer.
Liz Meininger, Program Specialist, Recreation Department, Mount Olive, NJ

"Thank you for presenting the "Magic Rabbit Revue" for the Town of Southampton Parks and
Recreation monthly children's show.  As always everyone enjoyed the show.  You continually
perform excellent shows; your enthusiasm and interest really motivate the children to want to
participate.  It is always a pleasure to work with you and look forward to having you back in
the future."
Eileen Langsdorf, Recreation Program Planner, Town of Southampton, Hampton Bays, NY

"On behalf of the Clifton recreation department, we would like to commend you on continually
performing excellent shows for the City of Clifton's Youth and Families.  Your enthusiasm and
interest in the children really motivate them to participate in your various shows.  The
Recreation Department always receive compliments about your performance and talents by
children as well as their famulies.  You have brought the magic of puppetry , ventriloquism and
storytelling alive in our youth. The Recreation Department enjoy's working with you, and looks
forward to utilizing your services in the near future.  Thank you again for a job well done! "
Debbie J. Oliver, Recreation supervisor, Clifton Recreation Department, Clifton, NJ