Bring Magician, Ventriloquist, Author/
Illustrator, Bob Conrad to Your Library!

Each and every year since 1979, Bob Conrad has created
a new and different program especially for libraries.
Summer Reading Programs all over New York, New
Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania have relished
having Bob back year after year for his special brand of
fun, comedy, puppets, ventriloquism and magic. Bob
plans, creates, writes, and assembles a new show each
year all centered around the Summer Reading  theme.

The "Rock the Library, with Music and Magic" show was a
big hit last summer. I am now accepting bookings for the
summer of 2019, please book early.

"Outer Space Magic"

This is a Magic Show that is "Out of this World": Aliens,
Robots, Space Ships and more. Featuring some of your
favorite creatures from outer space. Robots magically
change places using Bob Conrad's Magical Transporter.
Meet space creatures; E.C. the Extra Celestial, and the
One Eyed, One Horned, Flying Purple People Eater. See
how Astronauts do their laundry in outer space with no
water, using magic. A visit  with Buzz Light-year  and in
honor of  the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing, we
will launch a rocket to the moon. Magic, Puppets, Fun and
Excitement that is out of this world.

Please book early summer fills up fast , call today to
reserve a date for your library:  201-935-6396

"Magic and Monsters"

An  ALL  NEW   Halloween  special  of  music, magic,  
puppets, ventriloquism,  and  laugh-a-minute  Halloween  
fun.   In  this  one-man  magic special,  Bob  Conrad  
weaves  an  amazing  spell of fun and excitement.
Tales with unexpected endings, magical illusions with
Ghosts, Goblins, and Monsters. Magic and Monsters is
filled with audience participation, fun and surprises.
Guaranteed to please your audience.
P.S. It's not scary!

"Thank you so much for presenting "Magic and Monsters" at our library this
past fall.  So many people approached me afterward and said it was not only
the best magic show they had ever seen, but also that it was the best
children's program the library had ever had."
Erin Simmons, Children's Librarian, Scoville Memorial Library, Salisbury, Ct.

" Magical Winter Wonderland"

A  special  ALL  NEW  one  man , non-religious winter
themed  magic  show.  It's all about winter, Snowman,
Penguins, and  Reindeer.  Author/ illustrator Bob  Conrad
mixes up a special blend of entertainment that is
guaranteed to please, using Puppets, Magic, Music,
Ventriloquism, Audience Participation, and good clean
winter fun.
The perfect show to warm up your winter Holiday party!

" Monday's "Magical Winter Wonderland" program was so much fun, and the
58 children who attended your show thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We'll be
having you back in the not too distant future for another wonderful show."
Mary Feldhaus, Children's Librarian, Eastchester, NY Public Library

"Books are Magic"

Author  Bob  Conrad  pulls  out  all  the stops  and  lets  his  
imagination  and  talents  run  wild,  as  he explores  the  
Magic  in  books  in  his  own  magical  way.  Your audience  
will  take  part  in  his  adventure  and  meet  Sam,  his
magical  talking  book.  See  magic  from  far  away  lands.  
They  will meet  Bob's  puppet  friend  Junior,  and  the  
Magical  Hemp Snakes.  They  will  hear
tales from foreign lands, folk tales, stories about animals
and famous people ,and more. They will see just how
much fun Reading can be.
A  program  filled  with  audience  participation,  baffling  
magic, puppets, ventriloquism, balloons and plenty of good
clean fun.

"Magic from around the World"

Bob Conrad calls upon a variety of talents including
magic, storytelling, puppetry, and ventriloquism to take
your audience on an imaginary journey to all seven
continents,with stop-overs at China, India, France, Africa,
Brazil and Australia. They will meet Mr. World, a talking
picture of the earth, Bob's ventriloquist puppet friend
Stanley, Pollyanna the Parrot, and Cuddles the Koala.
They will see magic from countries around the world. It's a
fun filled journey around the world with magic, music,
puppets and interactive fun.

"Through storytelling and magic, the students' were captivated in learning
about the different parts of the world. They enjoyed going on their magical
journey as they gained new information about the seven continents."
Kate Mc Donald PTA, Jerico Elementary, Centereach, NY

"Fun with Ventriloquism"

A very special show that will delight your entire audience.
Bob Conrad has been a ventriloquist since childhood, and
he is one of the leading exponents of this ancient art. See
him bring an inanimate object to life and turn it into a
living personality, as he creates Tennessee Turtle from a
sock. Meet Coco the playful Chimp, and Gooney Bird the
five foot tall bird puppet. Members of the audience will
take part in the "Balloon Blowing Contest of the Century".
It's laugh-a minute fun with one of the best ventriloquists
around in a program of audience participation, balloons,
ventriloquism, and fun, fun, fun. If you are looking for
something different and special this is the show for you.

"It is not enough to say thank you for your magical presentation of "Fun with
Ventriloquism.." You were splendid. You took an art form which has not been
available and presented it to an audience of all ages on a level that all
attending could enjoy. You were awesome.  We look forward to having you
back and recommend your shows."
Alma J. Henderson, Director, Saddle Brook Free Public Library

"Puppets, Puppets, Puppets"

A musical variety program of puppets of every  type and
size, hand puppets, rod puppets and marionettes.  See
Frogs sing, Skeletons dance, and see Bob Conrad create
puppets right before your eyes and bring them to life. An
exciting fun-filled program all about Puppets,Puppets,

"The children had so much fun watching you make the different types of
puppets, and made from a variety of materials, come alive before their eyes."
Rebecca Burkhart, Children's Librarian, Public Library, Varona NJ

"Festival of Fun"

Bob Conrad is a multi-talented gentleman; magician,
puppeteer, ventriloquist, balloon sculptor, and much more.
In this program he pulls out all the stops and blends
all these skills into a mixture of magic and merriment. You
will meet Bob's puppet friend Rickey the Rabbit, see Bob
draw Art and bring him to life, see Bob create  Gertrude
from a paper plate. Mind boggling magic, objects appear
and disappear right before your eyes. Fun from beginning
to end, perfect any time of year.   
Everything that children love is in this program!

"Monday's  program was outstanding.  You really know how to entertain a
large audience of kids!  I loved all the humor and jokes that you incorporated
into the entire program.  You truly are the quintessential performer. "  
Mary Feldhaus, Children's Librarian, Eastchester Public Library, Eastchester,

"Dragons, Dreams And Magic"

A magical Journey to a time long ago, a time of Knights
and Dragons, Wizards and Magic. Meet Merlin the Magical
Mouse, Nogard the Dragon, see a member of the audience
become a wizard and perform amazing magic. Magic ,
puppets, ventriloquism and just plain fun.

"Dragons, Dreams and Magic" was the perfect complement to our summer
reading club.  You captured every child's attention, mystified them and made
them laugh, all at the same time."
Pat Findra, Assistant Coordinator , Fair Haven Public Library, Fair Haven, NJ

"The Deep Sea Magic Show"

Author Bob Conrad has written and illustratd a book
about the Ocean titled "Deep Sea Adventure", this
program is based on that book. The program takes your
audience on an imaginary voyage to the bottom of the sea
aboard the good ship Conrad. Meet Captain Bob's first
mate, Fred the magic talking table, and his deck hand
Gomer. Audience members will travel to the great coral
reefs in search of the mysterious Angel Fish. A Magical
voyage of magic, ventriloquism and fish stories, and an
ocean of facts about the ocean.

"The show was terrific. Bob simultaneously taught and entertained with many
facts about the ocean and sea life interspersed with his magic."
Mary Bulat, Harwinton Public Library, Harwinton, Ct.

"Circus of Fun"

A Magic Circus with magic, ventriloquism, balloon
animals, audience participation and lots of fun. A
member of the audience becomes a magic clown.  Meet
Fred the magic talking table, and ventriloquist  figure
Rags the Tramp Clown. It's a Circus of Fun filled with
magic, music, puppets, ventriloquism, balloon sculpturing
and laugh-a-minute fun

"Bob Conrad's "Circus of Fun" was a huge success at out children's library.  
The entire program was clever and flawlessly performed.  You are a master
entertainer. Thanks so much for making quality children's programs possible
to our community. I will tell all my colleagues throughout Westchester County
to hire you."
Mary Feldhaus, Children's librarian, Eastchester Public Library,
Eastchester, NY

"The Magic Rabbit Revue"

A Magic show filled with color, excitement, music, laughter
and lots of rabbits. See Buster Bunny change color, meet
Bob's puppet friend Henry the Hare, and see Fluffy the
rabbit appear and disappear right before your eyes.
Audience members help Bob perform amazing magic.
Music, Puppets, Ventriloquism, Baffling Magic and Fun for

"As ever , your show is a delight both to the children and to the adults. We
have had the pleasure of your performances for several years now and have
always found them entertaining.  Few performers have had as much response
and laughter as you have had."
James Garland, Director, Mount Arlington Public Library, Mount Arlington, NJ

"The Magical Rainforest"

Author Bob Conrad has written and illustrated a book
about the Rainforest, this program is based on that book.
It's a  Magical Safari to the Amazon Rain Forest of South
America, and African Congo. Your audience will meet
CoCo the Chimp, and Pollyanna the Parrot.  Audience
members will help Bob change a caterpillar into a beautiful
butterfly. A magical trip filled with fun and surprises, and
facts about the Rain Forest.

"Thank you for your performance at the Greenwich Library. Our young
patrons had a marvelous time learning about the
Rain Forests of the
Please feel free to offer my name as a reference if other
organizations inquire about your services.  I would be happy to share stories
of your success in Greenwich."
Tiffany Muir, Librarian, Greenwich Library, Greenwich, Ct

"Bugs,Bees, Spiders and Magic"

Author Bob Conrad takes your audience on an adventure
with Bugs, Bees, Spiders and Magic. They will meet Bob's
puppet friend Bumble the Bee, and a mind reading spider
named Alfred. Members of the audience will help change
Clarence the Caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. It's
Magic, puppets, Ventriloquism, Storytelling, and audience
participation. A fun program from beginning to end.

"Thank you again for a wonderful program at our library.   It was a
fast-paced and exciting throughout. You kept everyone entertained and
the entire program kept with our theme, "Catch the Reading Bug". Thanks
again for a wonderful summer program."
Catherine Stewart, Children's Librarian, Memorial Library, Nazareth, Pa.

All shows are completely self contained and run about 45
minutes in length.  Bob Conrad brings everything he
needs including sound equipment, all we need from you is
an audience.  

Bob Conrad has written books on puppet construction;
"The Puppetry Workshop Manual" and "Mouth Puppets".
cartoon drawing, "Conrad's Chalk-talk Cartoons" and
several educational books for children including; "Bob
Conrad's Rainforest Animals", Bob Conrad's Deep Sea
Adventure" , "Bob Conrad's Great Americans" and
"You Can Do magic".

Library and Recreation Shows
Bob Conrad with E.C. the  Extra Celestial.
Bob with the Purple People Eater !
Bob with Bumble the Bee.
Bob draws Frankie and brings him to life.
Bob with Sam the Penguin.
Bob and Tennessee Turtle.
The very first puppet was a mask.
Bob with Rickey the Rabbit
Captain Bob with First Mate Fred the Magic
Talking Table
Merlin the Wizard mouse with Bob
Rags the Tramp Clown giving Bob a
hard time.
Henry the Hare with Bob the magician.
CoCo the Chimp with Jungle Bob.
Bob Conrad and Stanley
Bob Conrad produces flags from many Nations.
Bob makes the Worlds largest Balloon
Animal a Magical Reindeer.
Bob with Coco the Chimp.
Bob with Bongo the Clown , a Mouth Puppet.
Bob with a pretty, pink,Parisian Poodle
Bob with Nogard the Dragon
It's a Magic Circus filled with fun!
Jungle Bob with Pollyanna the Parrot.
Audience member gets a balloon to take home.
Bernie the Book Worm appears!
Captain Bob with Deck hand Gomer.
Serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania             
Bob Conrad holds his audience spell bound.
The audience Loves Bob Conrad !
Bob Conrad Rocks the Library
Bob Conrad with Sam the
Magic Talking Book
Bob Conrad with
Bernie the Book Worm