This highly entertaining , educational and interactive program is really
an introduction to geography and the world we live in.
Your students will take an imaginary journey to all seven continents ,
with stop-over’s  at China, India, France, Africa, Brazil, and Australia.

Using large visual aids - Globes, a six foot by eight foot map of the
world , and a talking picture of the world. Your students will get a new
insight into the world and it’s people and cultures.

Your students will learn about:

  • Maps and Globes.
  • The Continents.
  • Countries of the World.
  • Flags of Various Nations.
  • A World of Facts.

Author / illustrator Bob Conrad calls upon a variety of talents including
magic, storytelling , puppetry, and ventriloquism  to make Geography
fun, interesting and exciting.

Versions for grades K - 3, 4 - 6, and k - 6

Bob Conrad is the author of several educational books for children.

You too can have results like this!

" Thank you so much for coming to Lloyd Harbor School on November 3 rd to
present your show of "A Magical Approach to Geography".  Our 3rd graders
loved it !  You kept their interest and attention through out the entire show.  
You taught them interesting geographical facts all the while keeping them on
their toes as to what was next.
We so look forward to having you back for that and/or other shows of yours."

Anne Gumersall, Cultural Arts, Lloyd Harbor Elementary, Lloyd Harbor, NY

"I have had the pleasure of enjoying Bob Conrad's performance of " A Magical
Approach to Geography ".  It is a wonderful performance and fits perfectly
into our third grade curriculum.  Bob encourages student participation which ,
in turn, makes it more enjoyable for them.
We have invited Bob Conrad back for three years now, and will continue to do
so. We truly enjoy his program and highly recommend him to all elementary
schools to provide an educational cultural art assembly program."

Mrs. Jackie Martins, Teacher, Crompond Elementary, Yorktown Heights,

"This is a letter of recommendation for Mr. Bob Conrad who performed for
the third graders at Lloyd Harbor School this fall.  Mr. Conrad's program "
A Magical Approach to Geography" was utilized in direct connection with our
third grade Social Studies curriculum.  Furthermore, it was a part of our
Cultural Arts initiative at lloyd Harbor School.
Mr. Conrad is an energetic presenter who has the ability to capture
children's attention for a prolonged period of time.  He is motivated,
knowledgeable, and was great with our students. While presenting to our
children he allowed them to express themselves and participate while
managing the group at the same time. His appreciation and understanding of
geography is evident. This was definitely a worthwhile opportunity for our
students, and we look forward to his return."

Kurt Simon, Assistant Principal, Lloyd Hatrbor School, Huntington, NJ

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful presentation, "A Magical
Approach to Geography" which you presented to our third grade students.  
The topics and concepts you presented effectively reinforced much of what
the students have been studying in their social studies classes.  The students
were captivated by your use of storytelling, puppetry and ventriloquism.
There were frequent opportunities for student participation.  The teachers
were particularly pleased to hear the students share with you their
knowledge related to geography and conservation.
Once again, I commend you on the quality of your presentation and hope we
have the opportunity to work together again."

Martha Ryan, Principal, Congers Elementary, Congers, NY

" I would like to thank you for performing two excellent school assemblies at
Jordan Road School this year.
The students enjoyed having Abe Lincoln visit our school in March.  His
stories , magic and special guests made the program both informative and
In April, the Educational Geography assembly was enjoyed by all the students
in grades one through six.  Through puppetry and magic you opened the
student's eyes to the knowledge of far away places and cultures.
Thank you again for an assembly program that was engaging and educational.  
We look forward to seeing you next year."

Jeff Miller, Principal, Jordan Road School, Somers Point, NJ

"Our third grade at Crompond Elementary School in Yorktown, NY has had the
privilege of working with Bob Conrad  for several years.  He has provided
assembly performances for Around the World Day celebration each year.  His
talent and enthusiasm excites children and adults alike.

The Third Grade Teachers, Crompond Elementary, Yorktown, NY

"Through storytelling and magic, the students' were captivated in learning
about the different parts of the world. They enjoyed going on their magical
journey as they gained new information about the seven continents."

Kate Mc Donald PTA, Jerico Elementary, Centereach, NY

What I really liked about your show "A Magical Approach to Geography" was
when you showed us all the different kinds of flags. I enjoyed all your
puppets. Your performance was fantastic. It was great for children like us  
learning about geography. Kids love to laugh and learn!

Rachel Berger, 3rd grade student, John Pettibone Elementary,
New Milford, CT
A Magical Approach To Geography
Bob Conrad takes your students around the world
with magic.
Bob Conrad produces flags of many nations.
Stanley helps Bob explain geography.