This highly entertaining and educational program takes your
students on a magical Safari to the Rainforests of the world.  Using
magic, ventriloquism and large visual props,  your students will

  • Where the Rainforests are.               
  • What they are.
  • Why they are important.
  • Why we must save them.
  • The four levels of the Rainforest
  • The animals that live there.

This interactive educational program will leave your audience with
a far greater understanding of the Rainforest.

Versions for K - 3, 4 - 6 , and K - 6

You too can have results like this!

"The presentation (The Magical Rainforest) is engaging, educational, and our
students enjoy it each year. Thank you! We look forward to your return next

Patty Major, 3rd grade teacher, Lewisboro Elementary, South Salem, NY

"Thank you for an informative and entertaining journey to the rain forest.  The
Trailside staff who watched the show loved it as did the audience.  Your
programs fit very nicely into our summer nature workshops.  Thanks again for a
great performance."

Hollace Hoffman, Director of Trailside, Trailside Nature and Science Center,
Mountainside, NJ

"Thank you so much for being a part of Gwyn-Nor's Earth Day Celebration.
It was a very exciting experience for the children.  The Children are still talking
about thing that they learned or discovered that day about rain forests.  Your
presentation helped make this a memorable day.  I would like to thank you for
your professionalism and for sharing your wealth of knowledge in such a fun,
yet educational manner.  You held their curiosity with important facts,
challenged their knowledge and most importantly enlightened their awareness
on how they too must help save the rain forests.  We will not hesitate to
recommend your programs to other schools in the district.  Thank you once
again, Mr. Conrad, and take care."

Pauline Rosa-Martir Scheppard, H & S Associaton, Gwyn-Nor Elementary,
North Wales, Pa

"Thank you for coming to Valley Park School. Your program was very
interesting. I learned that all the Rain forests are located at the equator. I also
found out that we get oxygen from Rain forests and if people cut down the Rain
forests the weather will change and there will be floods. Something else I
learned was that when it stops raining  it feels and looks like it is still raining
because the trees hold the water then it goes on to other tress and falls which
looks like it's raining. The best part was when you pulled the cloths out with the
animals on them."

Kelsey Driscoll, a second grader, Valley Park School, Pennsville, NJ

"We thoroughly enjoyed your program, "The Magical Rainforest" .  The children
were entertained while being educated by your informative presentation.
Adults as well as children enjoy your sense of humor. We loved Coco the
monkey and your magic tricks. Much was learned about animals of the  
rainforest and why they are in danger. Your program perfectly complimented
our summer reading program.

We invited you back this year because we were so pleased with the "Davy
Crockett" program you performed last summer. We look forward to having you
perform another program soon!"

Diane Tnacci, Children's Program Coordinator, Ridgefield Library, Ridgefield ,
The Magical Rainforest
Pollyanna is a Macaw, the largest of all
the parots.
Your students will learn about the animals
that live in the rainforest.
A magical journey to the Rainforests of the
world comes to an end.
Bob Conrad is the Author/ illustrator of
"Bob Conrad's Rainforest Animals".
Coco the chimp helps explain why we
must save the Rainforest.