An  ALL  NEW   Halloween  special  of  music ,magic, puppets, ventriloquism,  
and  laugh-a-minute  Halloween  fun.   In  this  one-man  magic special,  Bob  
Conrad  weaves  an  amazing  spell of fun and excitement.

Tales  with  unexpected  endings,  magical illusion  with  ghosts,  goblins  and
monsters. Magic and Monsters is filled with audience participation, fun and
surprises !  

Guaranteed to please your audience

P.S. It's not scary !

You can have results like this too!

"The Township of Plainsboro loves Bob Conrad and his shows.
We have enjoyed his entertainment for the past 10 years.  We recently had "Magic and Monsters"
for our Halloween event Haunted Tonight.  Over 600 people attended throughout the night and Bob's
Magic Show was one of the favorite activities of the children.  You could hear them laughing, ooooing
and ahhing throughout the performance.
Bob is always a professional.  He entertains with heart.
During the summer Bob does puppet shows at our summer camps. These shows vary from year to
year and are always a delight."

Tina Preville, Karen Proveromo, Township of Plainsboro, NJ Special Events Program Coordinators

"On behalf of the Bloomfield Recreation Department I would like to personally thank you for putting
on your Magic and Monsters performance at our Annual Halloween Celebration. You have become a
staple at this event and both the kids as well as the parents always enjoy your show. Thanks again
for your punctuality, professionalism, and all around great Show!

Michael Sceurman, Assistant Director Bloomfield Recreation Department, Bloomfield, NJ

"Thank you so much for presenting "Magic and Monsters" at our library this past fall.  We had the
largest audience we have ever had for a children's  program.  I our small town of 4,000 people ,
over sixty children and fifty adults thrilled at your skills as a ventriloquist, laughed at your jokes,
and were dazzled by your skills as a magician. So many people approached me afterward and said it
was not only the best magic show they had ever seen, but also that it was the best children's
program the library had ever had.  We look forward to having you visit our library again soon."

Erin Simmons, Children's Librarian, Scoville Memorial Library, Salisbury, Ct.

"Thanks so much for your outstanding Halloween Magic/Puppet show. The children and parents were
excited and quite pleased with all the wonderful tricks. The children just couldn't stop talking about
your fuzzy yellow friend who magically appeared from the "box" to wreak havoc everywhere. Your
appearing and disappearing skull was quite a hit too !
Thanks for a GREAT show ! You always do a wonderful job whenever you come to our library. It was
good to see you again.

Brian Cazanave, Children's Librarian, Cliffside Park Library, Cliffside Park, NJ

"Just a quick note of thanks and accolades for being a part of Shackamaxon Golf & Country Club's
annual Children's Halloween party.  You were highly recommended to me by our childrens's Camp
Director, where you had performed this past summer.  I was a little concerned when our Halloween
party grew to over 230 members, of which there were over 75 children - whether or not you would
be able to keep their attention - I know you were very successful with smaller groups.
My concerns were quickly dispelled once you began you "Magic & Monsters" program.  You captured
the attention of the children and parents alike.  In fact, I heard a comment from a couple of
fathers- "this guy is so good, we could have snuck out to play a few holes, and the kids would never
have known we were gone." The moms on the way out complimented my team on having the best
Halloween party in history- due largely in part to your show.
I look forward to having you return to Shackamaxon for our upcoming Children's Holiday Party at the
end of December."

Jerome D. Louie, General Manager, Shackamaxon Golf & Country Club, Scotch Plains, NJ

"Thank you for your wonderful Halloween presentation on October 27th. Our audience of "children of
all ages" thoroughly enjoyed your exciting "Magic & Monsters" program.  Your unique magic tricks and
humorous puppet characterizations delighted everyone in attendance. The constant laughter from our
audience was a true sign of how much we enjoyed your performance.
I hope you will be willing to make the long trip from New Jersey again. I know the families of
Brookfield are looking forward to another versatile performance by you and your talented "friends"
Thank you again for a marvelous evening of entertainment."

Valerie G. Annis, Children's Librarian, Brookfield, Ct. Public Library

"I wanted to share with you the pictures from your visit to the Prospect and Saratoga Inns. The
children at both facilities greatly enjoyed the Magic and Monsters show, and it was a great way to
help them get excited for Halloween. The various ways you engaged them, including puppets and toys
for their age level, with colors and shapes they could recognize was great. Please enjoy the photos,
and we look forward to working with you again in the future."

Margaret Menghini, Program Associate, Home for the Homeless, New York, NY
Magic And Monsters
Bob Conrad draws Frankie , and brings him to life.
The audience is under his spell !
Livingston, NJ Recreation Department
Bloomfield , NJ  Recreation Deptartmentloom
Plainsboro, NJ  Recreation  Department
Franklin, Nj Recreation Department