What makes this program different from other magic programs
is that many of the effects that appear to be magic are really
scientific fact.
Covered in this program are the principals of:

  • Optical illusions
  • Audio illusions
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Static electricity
  • The accomplishments of such men as; Franklin, Marconi,
    Bell and Edison

The program is presented in an entertaining fashion and in
terms that will be understood by the youngest students in you
audience. With the help of a 200,000 volt Van de Graaf generator
Bob Conrad will perform some “hair raising” magic. Your
students will leave the auditorium totally fascinated, with new-
found knowledge of the Magic of Science

Versions for grades K -3, 3 -6, and k - 6

You too can have results like this!

"The purpose of this letter is to express my gratitude to you for presenting such a
wonderful program to the students in my k - 6 school.  The "Magic of Science" show
was enjoyed by all who saw it, teachers included!  A summary of their comments
would be that it was a real old-fashioned, feel-good school assembly that blended
together science fact with a touch of humor.  What a great combination!
I will keep you in mind for the future, and would not hesitate to recommend you to

Emily J. Monahan, Academic Specialist, Horizons -on-the -Hudson Magnet School
Newburgh, NY

"Thank you for an informative and entertaining presentation.  Your program was
presented in a very professional manner which enable students from kindergarten
to grade five to learn some exciting scientific principles. They were amused, at the
magic but walked away with some great new knowledge in science."

Donald G. Michell, Principal, Frances C. Griffin Elementary, Oakville, CT

"This morning Mr. Conrad presented his "The Magic of Science" program to our
school's kindergarten through grade four population.
We found the program to be informative, interesting and entertaining.
We are looking forward to next year's visit by Mr. Conrad here at School Number
One in West Paterson, New Jersey."

Matthew L. Doyle, Principal, School # 1, West Paterson, NJ

"Your presentation today on "The Magic of Science" was truly wonderful. I never
thought Science could be so exciting as well as entertaining.  I spoke with some of
the children and they all said they really enjoyed the program. The Principal was
very pleased  and told me that this was  the best program of this type that he had
ever seen.
Again thank you for a truly remarkable presentation."

Rose Hernandez, PTA Childrens Program Chairperson, Steele Elementary ,
Baldwin, NY

"For the fourth consecutive year, accolades concerning your presentation ,"The
Magic of Science", were extremly prevalent regarding your expertise to motivate
I look forward to seeing you at the next Northern region Contest.
With kindest personal regards, I remain;"

Philomena Pezzano, Director of Project S.I.T.E. Northern Region. Paterson Public
Schools, Paterson, NJ
The Magic Of Science
Bob with his Robot assistant
Using a 200,000 volt Van De Graff generator
Bob Conrad makes some sparks fly.
Student helper learns how sound
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