The Magic Rabbit Revue

A  magic show of fun, magic, puppets, and rabbits. Your audience will
meet the mischievous rabbit puppet Henry and his friends.  Buster
Bunny will change color, and Fluffy the rabbit will appear from nowhere
and vanish again. A magical show filled with color, excitement, music,
laughter and lots of rabbits.
Preschool Shows
Bob Conrad

The name to remember when looking for entertainment for Day Care Centers.
Bob Conrad is a full time professional entertainer with over 30 years experience performing
for Day Care Learning Centers, Libraries, Schools, and Organizations. All my programs run
about 30 to 35 minutes in length and are specifically designed for the 3 to 5 year old audience,
and priced  to conform to school budget.

A wide range of  shows to choose from:
Festival Of Fun

The perfect show anytime of year. Magic, Puppets, Ventriloquism,
Balloons, and audience participation. Meet Bob's puppet friends
Gertrude and Rickey the Rabbit. Fun from beginning to end,
everything children love is in this program.
Dragons, Dreams and Magic

A magical trip back in time to the days of King Arthur, a time of
Knights, Princess's , Wizards, and Dragons. A member of the
audience will become a magical wizard. Meet Bob's puppet
friends Merlin the Magical Mouse and Nogard the Dragon. Magic
, Puppets, Ventriloquism, and lots of fun!
Puppets, Puppets, Puppets

This highly  entertaining  puppet program  explores  the
development  of  puppetry  from  the  earliest tribal  masks  to
the  larger-than-  life  puppets  of  today.   Your  students will
see  how  they  are  operated  and  learn  how  to  make  simple
puppets  from  objects  around  the  house  .  Puppets  from
many  parts of  the  world  and  of  many  different  cultures  and
types  such  as  Hand Puppets,  Rod  Puppets,  Mouth  Puppets
and  Marionettes  are introduced.  Your  students  will  see  
Frogs  sing,  Skeletons  dance,  and  one  string marionette  
operate  another  string  marionette.  This program  is  filled with
Music,  Fun,  and  Laughs  presented  in an  enlightening  way,
this is a program your audience will never forget.
Holiday Programs
Magic and Monsters

An  ALL  NEW   Halloween  special  of  music  ,magic  ,  puppets,  
ventriloquism,  and  laugh-a-minute  Halloween  fun.   In  this  
magic special,  Bob  Conrad  weaves  an  amazing  spell of fun and
excitement. Tales  with  unexpected  endings,  magical illusion  with  
ghosts,  goblins  and  monsters, Magic  and  Monsters  is  filled  with  
audience participation,  fun,  and  surprises!  

Guaranteed to please your audience.

P.S. It's not scary!
Magical Winter Wonderland

RA  special  ALL  NEW  one  man, non-religious winter themed  magic
show.  It's all about winter, Snowman, Penguins, and  Reindeer.
Magician Ventriloquist Bob  Conrad  mixes  up  a special  blend  of   
entertainment  that  is guaranteed  to  please , using . Puppets,  Magic,
Music, Ventriloquism,  Audience  Participation,  and good clean winter

The perfect show to warm up your winter holiday party!
Listen to what they say:

"We had the pleasure of having Bob Conrad perform his "Magic Rabbit Revue" for our children this
past August. Our children range in age from 18 months through 6 years of age.
   The children of all ages had a marvelous time. Bob was creative, inventive and amazingly talented
with his ventriloquist skills. The children the interaction and laughter that his show created and even
the staff had a wonderful time, totally enthralled with his ability and talent.
   I can tell you from years of experience, it is not always easy to capture the attention of all the
children in the room, Bob and Buster Bunny did exactly that! we are looking forward to many future
shows with Bob and have recently scheduled in his Magical Winter Wonderland show.
   Please do not think twice about using Bob and if you have any question, please do not hesitate to
contact me directly."

Jennifer Gregg, Director, Goddard School, Hamilton, NJ.

"We had the pleasure of having Bob Conrad come to our school to perform a magic show. He was
able to keep even our youngest children engaged the entire time. The children were talking about
how funny it was for weeks to come. We will definitely have him back again."

Marisa Rodriguez, Director, Rhymes & Reasons, Teaneck, NJ

"The children and staff at the Early Childhood Program were delighted with the performance. At the
end of the performances the children were excited to share with their classmates and teachers what
they liked the best. Overwhelmingly they enjoyed the entire program.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful time."

Joyce Seery, Program Coordinator, South Orange Early Childhood Program, Tappan, NY

"I just wanted to thank you once again for your delightful performance at out End of the Year Party
last week. The group of children in attendance that morning were a very diverse bunch- some very
immature with a zero attention span, and some "Too Sophisticated" to give in to such childish
subject matter. I don't know how you did it, but you had the entire group spellbound from beginning
to end! You really are magic!  I am so glad that you had the time available to visit us again. I have
never been disappointed with your presentations - and once again you have gone beyond my

Patty Wills, Director, New Beginnings Early Childhood Center, Roseland, NJ
Bob Conrad with Nogard the Dragon.
Bob Conrad with Bongo the Clown.
Bob Conrad draws the Frankenstien
Monster and brings him to life.
Bob Conrad produces Frosty the Snowman.
Call Bob Conrad Today !
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Bob Conrad with Ricky the
Magic Rabbit.
Bob with Henry the Hare.
"Circus of Fun"

A Magic Circus with magic, ventriloquism, balloon
animals, audience participation and lots of fun. A
member of the audience becomes a magic clown.  Meet Fred the
magic talking table, and ventriloquist  figure
Rags the Tramp Clown. It's a Circus of Fun filled with magic, music,
puppets, ventriloquism, balloon sculpturing and laugh-a-minute fun
Bob Conrad with Rags the Tramp Clown