This program uses Puppets, Magic, Ventriloquism, and
Chalk-Talk Cartoons to explain the importance of Safety
in terms that even the youngest students can understand.

The program covers such topics as Pedestrian safety,
Fire safety, Railroad Safety, and Bicycle safety, and will
emphasize the fact that you are never too old to "be
careful".  Your audience will meet, Robie the Robot (a
Railroad safety expert) and Rusty a ventriloquist figure of
a youngster like themselves who will explain the
importance of Bicycle safety.

The program is filled with audience participation, music,
and magic, and makes learning about safety an enjoyable
experience that will be long remembered.

Versions for grades K - 3

You too can have results like this!

"We were very pleased with the two performances of "Safety
is a Magic Word" at the Paumanok Elementary School in
November. Your first performance, had the younger children
(k-2) extremely amused and the message about safety came
across clearly. The second performance was also entertaining
and just as informative.  We were very pleased that you
elevated the second program to accommodate the older
children's maturity.
Both the PTA representitives and the faculty thought your
program very worthwhile for our children."
Terry Gustafson, PTA President, Paumanok Elementary,
Dix Hills, NY

Your show "Safety is a Magic Word" is great.  Poignant and fun
filled, We all enjoyed it and look forward to seeing another show."
Ginger Lavandi, Assembly coordinator, Island Heights
Elementary, Island Heights, NJ

"On behalf of the teachers and children of Merrimac
Elementary School, I would like to thank you for the two
programs that you have given our school.  The performances
were not only entertaining, but educational.
Several teachers commented to me following both
performances in a most positive manner.  They were most
pleased with the quality of the performances.
Thank you again for the Safety Program."
Joan Adamsky, Principal, Merrimac Elementary, Holbrook, NY

"Just wanted to take a couple of moments out to thank you most
sincerely for your outstanding performance of 'Safety is a Magic
Word". Many of the teachers called me at work that same day to
compliment me on having selected such a fine performance.  
They reiterated over and over again what a wonderful job you did
and engrossed and delighted the children were.
Thank you so very much Mr. Conrad for a job well done. It is
apparent , one teacher commented that "You take pride in your
work and love children".
Yvonne Thomas, PTA President, Heywood Ave. School,
Orange, NJ.
Safety Is A Magic Word
Bob with Robie the Robot , a Railroad
Bob Conrad and his Magic Traffic Light.
Rusty and Bob talk about Bicycle