Bob  Conrad  brings  to  this  program  over  three decades  of  
experience  performing  educational  assembly programs   in
schools.  Using  a  large  number   of  performing  skills,  
including Music  ,  Puppets,  Magic,  and  Ventriloquism,  he  
makes  learning about the importance of Recycling fun and

When  this  serious  subject  is  presented  in  a  lighthearted
manner, all your students will understand and remember the
reasons WHY we must recycle and HOW they can help.

Students young and old will be amazed by the magic and
charmed by the puppet characters Myron and Howdy the bird,
and they will cheer for their classmates in "Bob Conrad's
Recyclable Rhythm Band." The Magic of Recycling is fun from
beginning to end, with an important message that will be long

Version for grades K - 3

Bob Conrad is the author of several educational books for children.

You too can have results like this!

"For the past few years the students and staff of William O. Schaefer
Elementary School have had the good fortune of being an audience
member at one of Bob Conrad's energetic performances.
Mr. Conrad provided our young students with an insightful,
comprehensive presentation on recycling. This one-man performer is
enthusiastic, entertaining and clearly gets the important message
across to our young students. They learned the value os saving and
conserving our resources while truly enjoying the show. His creative
props allowed the students to be active members of the assembly
program where much laughter is heard ! The teachers also enjoyed the
presentation and are quite impressed with the whole program.
You would not be disappointed if Bob Conrad Productions visited your
school.  There is certainly a wide variety of subjects to choose from
that could tie into any curriculum.
We look forward to having Bob Conrad at our schookl next year."
Nora Polansky, Principal, William O. Schaefer Elementary, Tappan, NY

The Magic of Recycling program was a great show!  Bob’s use of
humor and education can win over any crowd!  The students were in
awe of his magic tricks, belly laughed at his puppets and learned a
great lesson on how to save our resources and our Earth!  I
recommend this program to any organization, especially during Earth
Day or Arbor Day.  His pricing was extremely reasonable and worth
every penny!

Samantha Figueroa, PTO President, Truman Moon Elementary School
Middletown, NY

The Bethany Community School PTO , staff and the students of
Bethany Community School want to thank you for your excellent
program on the "Magic of Recycling" .  The children always enjoy your
program, especially using ventriloquism with puppets and magic to help
teach them the importance of recycling for the environment .  The
teachers feel this is a great way to make learning fun for the children.    
This program is a big hit each year with the students and we look
forward to seeing you again.
Laura Adair, Correspondence Secretary, Bethany Community School
PTO, Bethany , CT.

"Thank you Mr. Conrad for your humorous, informative, and
entertaining show, it really taught the children of Memorial School the
fundamentals of recycling. It was refreshing to see even the youngest
to oldest involved in your program.
We needed to get a creative and constructive plan in order to
implement our Student Council recycling initiative. Mr. Conrad you
turned out to be the perfect choice in the quest to make Memorial
school's program successful."
Student Council, Memorial School, South Hackensack, NJ

"We really enjoyed the show which was both educational and funny.
The children were glued to the performance."
Teacher, East Moriches Elementary, East Moriches, NY

"As far as the subject of recycling is concerned, this is the best
program for children I have seen ! It was informative , fun , and really
geared towards primary students."
Teacher, Connors School, Hoboken, NJ

"This is an excellent program to be presented during  Earth week when
recycling is part of the curriculum. The students really enjoyed the
entire  performance."
Teacher, Reinhard Early Childhood Center, Bellmore, NY

Actual letters and evaluation forms on file.
The Magic Of Recycling
Bob Conrad makes learning about
recycling fun !
Howdy the Bird, a tree expert, helps Bob explain the
importance of recycling paper.